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Improvement of onboarding plans using Virtual Reality

Improvement of onboarding plans using Virtual Reality

More and more companies see XR technologies (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality) as the perfect ally to carry out the correct training of their employees. And it is that the training process is fundamental for new workers to become familiar with the daily activity of their job. For this reason, it must be carried out correctly.

To address this issue, at ARSOFT we organized a webinar, in collaboration with Accenture, to publicize the benefits of using Virtual Reality in employee training processes. Under the title "Improvement of onboarding plans using Virtual Reality", Santiago González, CEO of ARSOFT, and Pedro Marín, Senior Manager for Europe of the Global Metaverse Continuum Business Group of Accenture, explained how XR technologies are facilitating the tasks of formation of companies in all sectors. How? Helping them to carry out virtual visits and interviews before incorporating the worker into their new job. But not only that. Once the user has joined his new position, VR simulators are the perfect tool to begin his training in the tasks that he will have to carry out from then on.


What are the advantages of using Virtual Reality in company onboarding plans?

- Confidence: Workers become familiar with their work environment before their first day of work, acquiring almost 300% more confidence when applying the knowledge learned.

- Speed: Employees are trained four times faster with XR technologies than with traditional techniques.

- Motivation: Virtual training increases the interest of employees in training and is much more active.

- Safety: VR allows training in 100% safe environments

-Offshoring: Training from anywhere and at any time

- Without using physical assets: With VR it is not necessary to use real assets or machinery for training.


How can we create and manage content?

At ARSOFT we have developed EYEFLOW. An authoring platform that allows you to easily create interactive Virtual Reality simulators and Augmented Reality procedures for the industry. It is a solution that helps companies digitize all their training and maintenance processes without incurring a high cost. EYEFLOW is designed so that anyone, in a few hours, can, through content digitization, create their own immersive Virtual Reality simulator and Augmented Reality manuals without programming a single line of code, with a drag and drop system.  EYEFLOW thus becomes a solution that helps companies to implement XR technologies at a reduced and controllable price.

EYEFLOW in the onboarding processes of companies

- Virtual visits. Showroom and personalized virtual visits

-DigitalTwin. You can connect with your digital twin for data visualization with AR and VR.

- Virtual meetings. EYEFLOW allows you to hold virtual meetings and collaboratively review and study designs.

- Training. Gradual formation with practical training and self-assessment.

- Maintenance and inspection. Instructions for maintenance and inspection procedures with RA

- Marketing. With EYEFLOW you can create your own marketing content with RA and VR.

There were many who participated in the webinar "Improving onboarding plans using Virtual Reality" organized by ARSOFT, in collaboration with Accenture. And it is that XR technologies arouse more and more the interest of companies that are looking for a solution to make the process of incorporating their new workers easier and more successful. In this way, with the use of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality, companies guarantee greater retention and attraction of talent in order to achieve their business objectives.